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Getting in a car or motorcycle accident can be a scary, even devastating event, especially if the accident wasn’t your fault.

And because of the initial shock of a car crash, it can be overwhelming when it comes to making a claim in the days following your accident. Many people end up making mistakes that invalidate their claims — something you definitely don’t want.

Ask any car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer, and he or she will tell you the same. You can’t afford to make these three mistakes people often make in the wake of a car or motorcycle accident:

Immediately speaking

We’re all used to responding quickly when asked a question — it’s a vital part of communicating. However, speaking immediately in the wake of a car crash can be a big mistake. For example, if you were to get in an intersection accident and you tell the other driver you’re sorry, you could ultimately be held at fault for the accident — even if you weren’t. Additionally, never respond to questions like “Are you okay?” or “Are you injured?” until you’ve sought the proper medical attention. You could be injured and not even know it, and may want to seek out the help of personal injury attorneys.

Failing to keep records and documentation

Another mistake many people make is failing to take photos of their vehicles immediately after the accident takes place. Additionally, you’ll need to exchange insurance information with the other driver and get the contact information of any witnesses to the crash. Write down every possible detail about your crash, from the accident itself to the weather that day. This will help when it comes to filing your claim.

Trying to do everything yourself

Filing a claim on your own might seem like the natural thing to do, but the reality is that car insurance companies are concerned about their own welfare — not yours. As a result, it might be a wise choice to seek out the legal assistance of a car accident attorney near you.

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