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Professional court reporting has been a staple in the legal world for centuries, and advances in technology have made the services of a court reporting agency even more important. Legal situations are nothing to cut corners on, and you need to seek the services of a professional court reporting agency to maintain the integrity of your legal process.

An experienced and modern court reporting agency can offer a host of important services that make it easier for you to record legal proceedings. Through traditional stenography to more cutting-edge methods like videoconferencing, a court reporting service will enable you to spend more time on the case itself. Here are just three of the most vital legal support services offered by a great court reporting agency:

  • Experienced stenographers. The talents of professional stenographers are truly mind-blowing, and you can never fully appreciate their skills until you try to emulate them. In the case of a stenographic court reporter, a stenotype machine is used to record shorthand of the spoken word at speeds of up to 225 words per minute. In fact, the minimum speed needed to become certified by the National Court Reporters Association is 225 words per minute. By obtaining the services of a court reporter who can go above and beyond this, you can make sure the information being recorded is both complete as well as accurate.
  • Video depositions. Video depositions are essentially the backbone of modern court reporting, and recording your legal proceedings will make it even easier to recount moments in the deposition. Often times, video depositions are used to impeach witnesses with changing testimonies, and you cannot afford to alter the landscape of a case by not capturing every moment on video. These services are also important for personal injury cases in which a plaintiff wishes to express how their life has changed since the event in question.
  • Videoconferencing. Collaboration is the key to growth in almost every aspect of life, and legal proceedings are no exception. In order to get the full scope of a case from every single angle, you’ll often need to speak with people who are not in your same state (or country.) Technology has been very kind to court reporters, and a great court reporting agency will offer videoconferencing that enables you to talk with coworkers and clients in real-time to expedite the communication process.

In order to avoid making a mistake in transcription that can alter the result of a case, find a court reporting agency that can offer these important services. It could end up being the best investment you ever make.

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