Elderly abuse in nursing homes

Finding the right lawyer for your case is tough. Whether you’re looking for personal injury attorneys, burn injury lawyers, or a catastrophic injury lawyer, it can be stressful to find a lawyer that meets all your needs. But don’t stress! Take a load off with some laughs at the expense of these totally weird lawsuits. Frivolous doesn’t really begin to cover it.

Read the bold print – Two Akron, Ohio men were laying carpet when the hot water heater kicked on, igniting a three and a half gallon container of carpet glue. The men were badly burned, and filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the adhesive. The men argued that the can did not offer sufficient warning that this kind of accident could happen, despite large print reading “keep away from heat” and “flammable.” Because of their injuries, they were awarded $8 million dollars. Imagine what their personal injury attorneys took away from that case.

Pretty hurts – After paying a visit to his local strip club, Paul Shimkonis filed a lawsuit against the owners. The physical therapist was smacked in the face by a dancer’s breasts while receiving a lap dance, which he claimed gave him whiplash. He said it felt like he’d been hit with “cement blocks,” and tried to get $15,000 out of it. He unfortunately did not win that case. (Though I’m sure most accident and injury lawyers would love to visit the scene of that crime.)

It’s grrrrrratuitous! – Kellogg sued Exxon in 1998 on behalf of their beloved mascot “Tony the Tiger.” Kellogg claimed that Exxon’s use of a cheerfully whimsical tiger was going to confuse people, and take attention away from their brand. They obviously missed the part where Exxon had already been using the tiger as their logo for 30 years, so the court threw the suit out. Sounds like the Exxon tiger may need a personal injury lawyer if he doesn’t stay on his home turf.

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