Auto accident attorney in anchorage

Anyone who has been involved in bad car accidents knows the tragic consequences that can result. Car accidents attorneys know more than ever the devastation that comes from crazy car accidents, because it is their job to work with people who were injured in such events. During 2012, there were just under 5.5 million police reported motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States. Auto accidents are the most common cause of personal injury in the country, and if you’ve been injured, you should seek the services of a professional legal attorney to learn about your rights.

If you’re thinking of hiring a lawyer, you should do some research first so you know what to expect. There is lots of information available, and it can be hard to sort the myths from the facts. Here are some common myths about what it’s like to hire an auto accidents lawyer. Before you meet with an attorney, you should review these myths to see if there’s any truth to them, and if not, what the real facts are.

    Myth #1: If I wasn’t hurt, it’s not worth it to file an auto collision claim. False. Of the thousands of auto collision claims in 2012, the average payout was close to $3,000. This figure only includes those claims for physical damage to the car, and doesn’t include those claims related to personal injury. If you didn’t suffer serious physical injuries but your car was damaged or you lost other possessions, you may be eligible for compensation by filing a car accident lawsuit.

    Myth #2: Even if I got hurt, filing a personal injury lawsuit is too much work. False. Talk to a lawyer before you make this determination, because the average payout for a personal injury lawsuit in 2013 was $60,000. Even if it takes significant time and effort to file the claim and work with your lawyer, the compensation you receive may be worth it in the end. A settlement for a car accident lawsuit could provide you with compensation for medical bills, lost work, and damaged property. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to an attorney about your options.

    Myth #3: Damage claims filed in Federal Court that pertain to auto accidents aren’t that common. False. Actually, there are over 500,000 Federal tort court cases each year. A tort is a civil wrong that causes unfair loss or harm, and the person responsible is liable for the crime. About 20% of damage claims made in Federal Court are related to auto accidents, so it’s very common for people to file these claims in court. If you think you deserve compensation for an accident, don’t hesitate to consult with a lawyer.

    Myth #4: Once I hire legal counsel, car accidents attorneys will do all the work for me. False. Even after you hire an attorney, there will be a lot of work for you to do. Your attorney doesn’t know what happened because they weren’t at the scene of the accident, so you need to recount your story to them in detail. Car accidents attorneys work hard to uncover evidence to support your story, and this evidence is used later in court or to win a settlement.

Do you have any common myths about car accidents today or car accidents attorneys that you would like to debunk? What are your thoughts on the myths above? Do you agree with our conclusions? We would love to hear your opinions, so please join the discussion and submit a comment below. Find out more about this topic here.

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