In many states, it is the law that employees have to be covered by workers comp insurance. You may need auto workers insurance that includes workers comp. No matter what your industry, it is possible to get injured, so this insurance should still be in place. If you were injured while working, you may need a workers comp attorney to help you to get the settlement you need to get your bills paid. You may also qualified for lost wages under this insurance.

If you don’t know much about workers compensation, it’s important to learn about it whether you are a business owner or an employee who is covered by it. You can learn all about workers compensation on government sites as well as from attorneys who specialize in workers comp. Are part time employees eligible for workers comp? Yes. A worker does not have to be full time in order to qualify for this type of insurance. It can be taken out for virtually any employee and sometimes for contractors as well. In some states, if a worker does any work for a business, they are presumed to be employees.

The process for finding an attorney can be difficult, whether you’re looking for a local bankruptcy attorney or you need a good workers comp lawyer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’ve set up a consultation with worker comp attorneys:

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  • The most basic things you’ll want to know should be pretty straightforward right from the start: things like fees and previous experience dealing with similar cases are important to know when you’re looking to hire an attorney, so don’t hesitate to ask about this.


  • It’s also important to find a personal injury lawyer who has dealt with personal injury lawsuits in your state before. State laws for personal injury cases, including workers compensation cases, are generally similar but will vary slightly from state to state; although this isn’t a huge issue, it’s best to find an attorney who is already familiar with the laws of your state.


  • While everyone assumes that a good lawyer will be the person willing to stand up and argue in court for his or her clients, when it comes to finding an attorney for workers compensation claims, it’s actually more important to find someone who listens well and asks a lot of questions. Many of these lawsuits end with settlements — not with a dramatic courtroom scene — and it’s essential to have someone advocating for you without being too aggressive or difficult.


  • In many cases, you’ll have the ability to work with a law firm that handles a variety of personal injury cases and employs lawyers and/or legal aides who specialize in workers comp claims. Remember that the most expensive and most high-profile law firm or lawyer isn’t necessarily the best one.


  • Last but not least, look for someone who will be completely honest and with you, and someone with whom you feel comfortable. Workers comp claims can require some difficult conversations, just as any other personal injury lawsuit can require, including discussions about medical treatments and finances. Finding an attorney who will put you at ease is probably the most important thing you can look for!

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