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Parents and school districts caused quite the stir last year, banning tag and other recreational activities at recess. Concerned parents feared the children’s games were too dangerous. Many criticized the restrictions, saying the schools were “taking it too far” and discouraging fun and healthy exercise, CNN reports. There are certain activities parents have to look out for, medical experts warn. What is and isn’t safe for your child?

Tag Should Be Okay

Let’s be honest. You aren’t likely to head injury lawyers or traumatic brain injury attorneys over a game of tag. For that reason, many believe one Long Island school in particular may have taken the motion too far. Weber Middle School banned “footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, lacrosse balls and any other hardballs that could injure a child,” CNN explains. “Also off limits: rough games of tag and cartwheels unless an adult supervisor is on hand.” Americans called the strict rules “over the top” and suggested that it would discourage physical activity when childhood obesity is already all too common. Other parents offered a compromise: helmets could reduce the risk of serious head injuries, they told CNN.

This Activity Causes Head Injuries

In certain circumstances, however, parents are right to be concerned. Children are highly likely to injure themselves during sports like karate and taekwondo. One sport in particular, mixed martial arts, is rapidly gaining popularity. Medical experts warn that young children should abstain. The sport, which mixes several techniques from karate, judo, and kickboxing, results in head injuries in one out of three professional matches. Experts in the U.S., U.K., and Australia recommend establishing firmer rules for adults, and banning children from participating altogether.

Don’t end up talking to traumatic brain injury attorneys. Carefully monitor children’s activities and sports. Tag, dodge ball, and kick ball are just fine; reconsider combat-based disciplines until children are older. Read more articles like this:

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