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Small businesses make up a significant part of the American business market. For example, in New York state alone, 99% of all businesses are considered to be small businesses. Across the nation, the numbers are just as prevalent: approximately 52% of all sales in the United States are from small businesses, and over 54 million Americans are employed by a small company. However, as important as small businesses are to the United States’ infrastructure, they often face a variety of issues and challenges, especially when it comes to legal issues. Research shows that around 53% of all businesses are involved in litigation each year. Likewise, 58% of small businesses dealt with a legal issue in 2013.

There are a variety of cases in which a small business may have to deal with business litigation law. But what is business litigation? The term refers to the rules and practices involved in resolving disputes in the court system. Almost 40% of small businesses reported have legal problems with contracts, such as negotiations or failure to collect payments in 2013, and many also experience employee lawsuits, which have rise 400% in the last 20 years. There are even building and construction law cases that small business must face in court. But regardless of the specific legal issue being faced, it is recommended that a small business hire a business litigation attorney to help them resolve the issue.

A business litigation lawyer offers a number of services to small businesses. They can help negotiate the legal matters of forming a corporation or partnership, buying or selling a business or commercial real estate, developing or acquiring intellectual property, and handle various contracts and necessary documents. However, a business litigation attorney is especially valuable when it comes to a claim, lawsuit, or business dispute. By hiring someone who is well-versed in business litigation, you are making a move to protect both the reputation and financial security of your small business. Moreover, by specifically hiring a lawyer for small business cases, you can be sure that legal issues you may have worried were beyond your capabilities will be handled. If your business is experiencing legal problems, don’t wait: talk to a business litigation attorney today.
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