Before you can get a divorce decree, you need to go through the whole divorce process. This can involve a legal separation period, a petition for divorce, and a lot of negotiating. Even if you are on good terms with your ex-spouse, this is a stressful process. If you’re not on good terms, it can be extremely emotional. That is why it is so important to hire a lawyer to work on your behalf.

You should also work with divorce mediators, who can come in as neutral third parties and discuss what needs to be done. Even if you don’t like each other, you and your ex still have to make sure that your finances are split fairly. Or, if you have children, that the custody arrangement is what works best for the child.

You should work with lawyers who know how to manage a divorce case. Look for family law firms and find someone who specializes in divorce. That way, you know that they understand the process. You can trust them to do everything correctly the first time.

Uncontested divorce lawyers

It wasn’t part of Steve’s plan to ever know anything about finding low cost lawyers for divorce. He had been with his partner, David, for 10 years before they finally got married. He had read once that couples who dated for more than three years were more than a third less likely to ever get divorced. Clearly that statistic wasn’t holding true for him.

Steve and David had always had the kind of relationship that made their friends and family jealous. They shared a deep love and respect for one another. They were best friends. But after a couple of years of marriage, things began to change. David got distant. Then he got sneaky. Then Steve had no idea who he was married to anymore.

It took a long time for Steve to accept that things had changed permanently. They tried counseling. When their therapist suggested that about half of the couples she saw were dealing with issues of infidelity, David adamantly denied that was the case. Things seemed to get better after a few sessions with the counselor, and Steve stopped thinking so much about how to find a divorce lawyer or what kind of legal aid for divorce he might need.

Then Steve got a phone call. David had been seeing another man for nearly a year and he finally needed to come clean. Steve felt some initial shock, but then realized a sense of peace when the strange turn in his relationship finally made sense. He and David sat down and talked openly for the first time in months. The freeing of the secret freed them from their denial. After many tearful discussions, they decided it was in their best interest to contact an uncontested divorce lawyer.

They knew they needed to focus on low cost lawyers for divorce
. They both worked in the helping professions and did not have money to spare on dissolving their marriage. They were worried that low cost lawyers for divorce might mean they had to work with someone who was inexperienced or overburdened with cases. They decided to interview several to find the perfect low cost divorce attorney.

After having several meetings, they met Martha. It was attorney love at first sight. Martha immediately made them feel at ease about navigating the legal system to dissolve their marriage. She was sensitive to the fact that Steve and David held no animosity for each other, and just wanted to make sure that they were both taken care of to start their new lives.

After just a few months and what sometimes felt like mountains of paperwork, Steve and David made their divorce official. They became one of the two marriages that ends every minute. Though it was not the course either of them had planned, they felt pride that they had maintained such a level of respect and love for one another throughout the ordeal. The aid of their attorney, Martha, helped them avoid the stress of dealing with the confusing court system and by the end of the process, was someone they considered a friend. Just like with all things in life, Steve and David learned that not all endings are sad and the beginnings they bring can be beautiful and exciting.

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