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If there’s any country that exemplifies what a literal and metaphorical melting pot of cultures is it’s the United States of America. Born from a desire to escape the extravagance, religious persecution, corrupt politic states, and unjust taxation that were common under several European crowns, the first colonists and settlers came to the United States with hopes of carving out a life of their own based on freedom.

Not only did they succeed, but they eventually learned to thrive.

It’s often been said that history is bound to repeat itself, and this sentiment is perhaps most easily seen in modern day immigration to the United States. The cultural and ethnic melting pot continues to simmer, combining flavors, customs, traditions, and religions from new waves of immigrants arriving on American shores in hopes of making the coveted American dream their new reality. Just as the first European colonists and settlers came to North America in search of a new life, modern immigrants come to the United States for many — if not all of — the same reasons as those who came before.

Considered a numeric high, nearly 41 million immigrants lived in the United States in 2012. As such it should come as no surprise that entire industries and services exist specifically to help immigrants with legal matters as well as navigate the long process of becoming an American citizen, commonly known as naturalization process steps.

Immigration criminal matters, especially illegal immigration laws and United States immigration laws, can be especially confusing. Just think, legal matters for natural-born American citizens can be difficult to understand. Imagine how confusing it must be to someone who is new to the United States and has limited in their ability to comprehend and speak English! This is where immigration criminal matters and immigration law firms come into play.

Immigration law attorneys are adept in handling legal issues specifically pertaining to immigration criminal matters and others relating to general federal immigration law. New immigration laws and amendments to existing laws are always being enacted, which can make it difficult for new immigrants to grasp. Immigration law firms can also help immigrant families make the right decisions pertaining to their loved ones and avoid deportation.

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