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Dealing with legal issues can prove stressful. Whether you are drawing up a will or in the midst of divorce litigation, legal assistant is necessary. But, how are you supposed to find the lawyer that is right for you?

According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive Inc., 46and of respondents suggest that they would ask for a lawyer referral from a family member, friend or colleague. The same survey shows 47% of respondents they were likely to consult lawyer rating review websites when searching for a lawyer, and 44% said they would look at a lawyer’s personal website.

In the U.S. there were an estimated 759,800 practicing lawyers as of 2012. Trying to decide on one based on recommendations and reviews would, at the very least, be time consuming. However, there is a way to easily procure legal services.

People often insure their health, lives, cars and homes. Why not consult one of the many reputable prepaid legal insurance companies and insure your legal protection?

What Is Prepaid Legal Insurance?

Prepaid legal insurance provides guaranteed legal services to policy holders. It offers legal plans for individuals and a network of attorneys to consult and represent them.

How Does it Work?

An individual pays a small monthly or yearly insurance fee to prepaid legal insurance companies. The companies provide an attorney network designed to offer a wide variety of legal support. Policy holders can choose what network attorney they want to represent them and receive services at a reduced rate.

What Are the Benefits

There are several benefits to purchasing prepaid legal services. All of them add up to peace of mind, and security in the knowledge that you have immediate help if you suddenly find yourself in need of legal assistance.

  • Convenience: No one enjoys the headache of trying to find a lawyer. Having legal insurance provides access to a network of reliable attorneys, from which you can choose and find the one that best suits your needs. Prepaid legal services also include things like free attorney consultation, so you can speak with prospective lawyers before hiring them. Many employers now offer legal insurance as part of their employee benefits packages. Purchasing legal insurance directly from your employer makes it even easier to receive legal assistance.

  • Affordability: Hiring a lawyer can be extremely expensive. Purchasing a policy from prepaid legal insurance companies provide quality legal services at low prices. For a relatively small monthly premium, you receive access to a group of lawyers that provide all the services you may need at a greatly reduced rate. Paying a little bit along the way can provide enormous savings in the long run.

  • Variety: Legal insurance provides access to a network of lawyers that possess all different types of training and expertise. You may need a bankruptcy lawyer, consultation on real estate issues or help drafting a living will. Prepaid legal insurance provides the variety of attorneys you need to cover all types of legal situations. You don’t have to start an exhaustive search for a new lawyer every time you need legal consultation.

Ensure your legal protection today by looking into a prepaid legal insurance policy.

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