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Motorcycle accidents are, unfortunately, the cause of 26 times more fatalities than are other types of motor vehicle accidents. In addition, people driving or riding a motorcycle have a five times higher chance of being injured than people in another type of vehicle. Again, unfortunately, among the vehicles traveling on the road, motorcycles are the least to register with other motorists. When hearing about motorcycle accidents, one of the most common statements by the driver of the other vehicle is that they just did not see the motorcycle. That is really what someone might call a loaded statement when considering that in 2013 alone there were approximately 8.4 million motorcycles gracing the roadways. When involved in a motorcycle accident, statistics show that the injuries suffered by both drivers and riders are almost always of a serious nature, and, too often, fatal. A personal injury lawyer or an accident lawyer are always necessary to consult in these cases. Where death is the result of motorcycle accidents, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the collision, a wrongful death lawyer may be needed in order to assist the family in receiving the compensation due them.

There are a wide variety of situations in which some type of accident attorney becomes necessary. In the case of car accidents not involving a motorcycle, typically a car accident lawyer is contacted for the representation of the victim or victims. All too often motor vehicle accidents are the result of a drunk driver. On average, someone who is arrested for driving drunk for the first time has already driven in that condition about 80 times. Large trucks also experience their fair share of traffic accidents. Statistics show that in 2012 there were 333,000 large trucks involved in crashes resulting in various levels of injuries and damage.

Slips and falls are a major reason for visits to emergency rooms and doctor’s offices. People experiencing some type of fall account for 21.3% of visits to hospital emergency rooms, which works out to be the leading cause of trips to the ER. In addition, having had a slip and fall is the cause of 12% of individual’s visits to the emergency room. In these cases many people hire a personal injury law firm to represent them. Many times, whether the fall took place on the job, at home, or elsewhere, victims will lose time at work, as well as pay. A personal injury lawyer will work for the client to see that he or she receives the restitution they deserve. Often victims will need help with the medical bills caused by the incident, which is another area in which a personal injury lawyer can be of great assistance.

Another example of a situation where an accident lawyer may be required would be someone getting hurt on another person’s property. For instance, a person walking by a house who trips over a piece of the sidewalk that is lifted at least two inches above the rest of the path. The owner of the house that sits beyond this section of sidewalk would be responsible for that piece of heightened walkway. Less than two inches would not constitute a lawsuit; however, two inches or higher will. Nonetheless, the victim would still have to be able to prove that their fall was, in fact, caused by their tripping over that piece of raised sidewalk.

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