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Sometimes, two people simply can not make a marriage work. Couples that are married never think about divorce in the early stages. Over time, two people can simply drift apart. Recent research shows that people who were married before their 20s reported the highest divorce rate. No matter what age you get married, wanting a divorce can happen at any time in life.

Parents will need to determine who children are going to live with if any came from the marriage. Research shows that 50 percents of parents will move into poverty after a divorce is over. Therefore, it is imperative that children are moved in with a parent that can financially support them. In certain cases, custody situations can turn into battles between two parents. In this post, you will learn some tips to help you be prepared for a custody battle.

  • Prepare Evidence Against Other Party: Every lawyer knows that winning a case can have a lot to do with evidence. During custody battles, evidence will be collected from each parent. This evidence could be anything showing that you are actively involved in the life of your child.Pictures and videos that show you often around your children are great to present in court. If you receive a higher income than the other parent, feel free to use that when making your case. Males will certainly need to find anything they can, 90 percent of divorced mothers receive custody of their children.
  • Have Credible Witnesses: In certain family law cases, witnesses might be brought in for both parties. As the other parent will, ensure that you have credible witnesses. When selecting witnesses, it is wise to ensure that they will fully be on your side. Custody battles can sometimes get nasty, you don’t want to take any chances.Also, it is good to have a witness that comes from a well respected profession, especially anything involving children. For example, if you know a fry cook and a teacher, it might be preferable to use the teacher as a witness. There is nothing wrong with being a fry cook, it will just help your case if your witnesses hold a profession that places them around the care of others.
  • Be Prepared to Defend Evidence Against You: No one is perfect. However, the other parent in a custody battle is probably working on reasons why you should not win this battle. You should be prepared to have anything called into question about your past.Of course, you never want to lie within a courtroom. The judge in the case knows that we all make mistakes. This phase of questioning is your chance to admit to your mistakes. You will want to have an actionable strategy to present of you have or are planning to fix any issues that are brought up.
  • In closing, it is wise to have an attorney in your corner during a custody battle. Heated custody battles can have you needing to prepare evidence against the other parent. A lawyer will know what can and can not be admitted as evidence. A lawyer can also help you determine which witnesses you will want to have in your corner. You will likely be required to face the same time to defend yourself against the evidence presented against you. Having a lawyer is very valuable, as they are masters at coming up with defense strategies.

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