Computer and digital forensics

What are computer forensic experts, and why is there a growing demand for them? Digital forensic science is becoming increasingly relevant — and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. With mobile devices, tablets, and hybrid laptops quickly gaining popularity, they also seem to come up in criminal, marital, and human resource investigations, too. When are officials most likely to bring in computer forensics companies?

Someone’s Getting Divorced

More divorce lawyers are noting the relevance of text messages, Facebook, and mobile phone evidence in divorce and/or custody trials. Divorce lawyers are working closely with digital forensic services and computer forensic experts to dig up emails, text messages, and/or Facebook posts that may be relevant in family law cases.

There Has Been Some Kind of Security Breach

Growing acceptance for company policies such as bring your own device (BYOD) makes it especially important to keep data as secure as possible — and across a wide range of computers and mobile devices. Forensics experts help both proactively and retroactively. Businesses ask them to come in before problems occur to help identify system and/or security weaknesses. Some businesses may also call them retroactively — or after a security infraction — and, in most cases, forensic analysts can help them get to the bottom of it.

A Large, Reputable Firm Is Hiring

It can be extremely damaging for a large corporation to hire someone — especially higher up in the ranks — who lies about their educational background and/or work experience. And it’s not altogether uncommon, either. According to USA Today, 50% of applicants lie or exaggerate on their resumes. Digital forensic experts have quality, up-to-date software they can use to quickly screen candidates’ resumes for accuracy.

Computer forensics is a rapidly growing field. With the emergence of even more mobile devices — and company policies favoring their widespread use — the science is applicable to many, everyday applications. Continue.

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