If you’re facing a divorce, you’re not alone. Roughly half of all marriages in the United States end up in divorce. Sometimes, things don’t work out. That said, you want to make sure that you, your financial interests, and your family are protected during a divorce. By working with a divorce attorney, you can get the legal representation you need. Let’s take a look at some basic divorce questions.

Can I file for divorce at the courthouse? Where you file divorce may vary from state to state. In Georgia, for example, you’ll file for divorce with the clerk of the Superior Court. In some cases, you can find the paperwork online. If you’re not sure where to file your divorce, speak with a divorce lawyer.

Can I handle my own divorce? You don’t need a lawyer to file for divorce. That said, a divorce attorney can protect you, your family, and your financial interests, among other things. Without a lawyer, you may face unfavorable divorce terms.

Can both husband and wife file for divorce? Yes, both husbands and wives can file for divorce. With an uncontested divorce, both sides agree to the terms. With a contested divorce, both parties will present arguments to the court, which will then determine the terms.

Questions to ask your divorce lawyer

If you have found your marriage just isn’t what it used to be, and you are no longer married to the person you met so many years ago, you may be considering a divorce. You are not alone, as divorce rates are near 50% in the United States today.If life has lead you down this path, you are probably wondering how to find a divorce lawyer. There are many things to consider when you have reached this step.

When seeking the right sort of council, you initially have to consider the terms to your specific divorce. Just like marriages, divorces are never a one size fits all arrangement. Determining if the divorce is contested or uncontested is the initial step in determining what kind of attorney you will need.

First, let us establish what is uncontested divorce. When both you and your spouse is unhappy in the marriage and agree it is best to end the partnership, this is an uncontested divorce. There is no argument that the union has run its course and it is time to call it quits. This is the opposite of a contested divorce in which one of the two parties either sees no grounds for divorce or simply does not want one. An uncontested divorce is one without the burden of adversity and is the speciality of an uncontested divorce attorney.

If you determined you need an uncontested divorce attorney, you probably have a lot of questions to ask your divorce lawyer. Family divorce lawyers can guide you through and answer any questions you may have regarding your uncontested divorce with children and mediation for child custody.

Though the mean age of women filing for a first divorce is 29 years old and 30.5 for men, divorce among couples over 50 have doubled since 1994. And the more progressive one is in age and number of marriages, the higher the divorce rate. The divorce rate for a second marriage jumps 10% to 60%, and for a third marriage it is 73%. For second, third and even fourth marriages, the likely hood of an uncontested divorce is much more likely and subsequently the need for an uncontested divorce attorney.

If you and your partner amicably agree there is no longer a point in pouring your energy into your partnership, you will be filing for uncontested divorce procedures. These are easier and less stress on all parties involved, especially if their are children involved. But sometimes you just have to cut your losses and know when to throw in the towel. Continue.

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