Pursuing a career in criminal law is no easy task. Several years of collegiate education along with countless hours of study and experience are required to successfully enter the world of law. When you hear about criminal defense lawyers, it’s usually in high-profile cases represented in the media. The truth of the matter is, for every defense lawyer, there is a prosecuting lawyer. In the criminal courtroom, the law is not always as black-and-white as we think it is.

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This video illustrates some of the daily challenges faced by criminal lawyers all around the world.

A criminal lawyer is faced with looking at a case from several different angles. A complicated case can take months to analyze, and devoted note-taking and careful reading can completely turn the tide of a case. One of the hardest endeavors a criminal lawyer has to take on is the first step of them all, convincing the client to hire you. It can be hard to sell yourself, especially when you don’t have as much experience as other criminal defense lawyers. Another challenge that lawyers face is working outside of their comfort zone. Every lawyers has their own strengths and weaknesses, and properly navigating a case outside of their specialty can be difficult.


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