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We’re looking at a completely different America than the country we lived in even a few years ago. With the progressive movement experiencing rapid growth, attitudes towards things like marijuana are changing. What was once seen as a criminal activity is now, in many areas, a valid business opportunity. Yet because cannabis is not legal across the country, there are many gray areas involved in the legality of its production and sale. Furthermore, many potential business owners remain unsure about how to start and legally protect their cannabis businesses. This is where a cannabis law group comes into play. A cannabis law group can help potential cannabis business owners navigate these laws. They’re there to protect those who want to take advantage of the amazing opportunities cannabis offers as a product. Before getting into the cannabis business, people should separate the many fictions from fact when it comes to this plant. They need to throw out the idea of cannabis the illegal drug, and embrace the reality of cannabis as it’s recognized today: a legal option for people suffering from a variety of medical problems, as well as a potential business venture.

Why Has Cannabis Been Legalized?

There are many different benefits of cannabis. Cannabis has been compared to alcohol in a positive manner, in that it produces a similar relaxing effect without the physical damage — such as weight gain and in overuse liver damage — and excessive intoxication. In fact, the longtime legalization of the arguably far more dangerous alcohol has been a part of the argument for legalization of cannabis. Furthermore, even before it was legalized in several states, many Americans used cannabis. It’s estimated that about 45% of adults have used cannabis. Even before the popular usage of recreational cannabis in America, marijuana had a 5,000 year old history of usage throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The common usage of cannabis has led many lawmakers to believe that there is no reason for it not to be legalized. As any cannabis law group can tell you, recent polls have between 46 and 58% of Americans in support of the legal regulation of marijuana, while 80% believe it should be legal for medical use. This won’t come as a surprise once you’re aware of the many advantages of marijuana use.

What Are The Benefits Of Marijuana Usage?

There are many properties to the marijuana plant — 70 compounds, to be exact. The most commonly known, THC, is psychoactive. However, many of those 70 compounds are not psychoactive but therapeutic and healing. Marijuana has long had positive benefits for those suffering from chronic pain. It calms the mind and soothes people’s suffering. The calming effect of marijuana also has weight when it comes to treating issues like anxiety. This has led many to use marijuana for medical purposes — and in turn has encouraged people to become legal marijuana distributors. As previously mentioned, getting into this business should go hand in hand with contacting a cannabis law group. Becoming a cannabis businessperson without using a cannabis attorney can be extremely risky — but with a lawyer’s help, you can be successful.

What Does It Mean To Get Into The Cannabis Business?

The advantages to getting into the cannabis business are numerous. For one, it’s booming right now. The sales prediction for the legal marijuana business in 2016 are in the $6 billion range. There is much that growers, distributors, and processors need to know before stepping into that industry, however. A marijuana business lawyer can help them ensure that their business plans are legal under state laws. Marijuana business lawyers are also necessary to have on hand due to the fact that, under federal law, the business remains illegal. Until the laws become a bit more lenient, there is always that risk of marijuana business owners encountering legal trouble. With attorneys on hand, they needn’t be overly concerned.

This is a new frontier for the business world — but that doesn’t mean you can’t be one of the people who breaks new ground.

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