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Business lawyers can handle a variety of cases and clients. Unlike litigators, business lawyers often don’t go to court and make arguments like a typical lawyer. They handle business dealings behind closed doors. This video explains what a business lawyer does.

Business lawyers are transactional lawyers. Anytime there is a contract written, a business lawyer will help mediate, write, and edit that contract. They help make deals between businesses, raise corporate funding, and more. Often times they work for a large business, rather than a small law firm. That can change depending on the circumstances, however.

There are further niche areas of law that you can get into. Bankruptcy lawyers handle bankruptcy cases and get people to repay their debt. Employment lawyers will help a company figure out their hiring practices and the contracts they give their employees. Intellectual property lawyers handle patents on new inventions and methods.

Corporate lawyers will also help people start businesses. Many small business owners may not have hands-on experience running a business. They may have worked in their industry for a long time, but being an employee and running a business are very different. Corporate lawyers can help them over the learning curve so they can run a successful business.

For more information, check out the video above.

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