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Debt collection lawsuits are extremely common, with debt collection agencies filing hundreds of suits every week. This article will explain where collection attorneys come into play and what you can expect from dealing with them.

A common question is if the collection lawyer has to show the debt-holder the contract between the attorney and the collection agency. The answer is no. It can be confusing because the collection agency needs to prove that they own the debt they’re suing you for.

Most of the time the contracts cannot definitively prove that the company owns the debt because of how complicated the chain of buying and selling debt becomes. A company is essentially told by another agency that there’s no proof the debt records on you are accurate, but they can buy it anyways. It’s like buying a used car without an accident history.

While the debt collection agency needs to show you the proof, the collection lawyer does not need to do this. This is because they only represent the collection agency, and they do not claim to own the debt.

Clearly, debt collection law can get messy. To find out more about what collection attorneys do, click on the link to the video above.

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