If you have been involved in a car accident and out rightly you are confident that is not your fault, you’ll most likely wind up settling your claim. The question on whether to settle or not depends on a number of factors.

  1. How much coverage does is the defendant’s insurance policy? If you’re offered insurance policy that offer full limits and the defendant doesn’t have any assets available covered, then you should consider out-of-court settling. That is because you’ll not get anything more from that type of defendant.
  2. Strength of the case refers to liability, which defines who’s to be blamed for the accident, and damages, which refers to any quantifiable and unquantifiable loss incurred due to the accident.
  3. How close is your accident lawyer and the insurance adjuster are with the settlement negotiations. If you suspect delays in the process, file a lawsuit so your claim can be assigned to a more experienced adjuster, who can actually release any money that was being hold back.

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  4. What other alternatives do you have instead of settling or going to court? Mediation and arbitration processes between your attorney, the insurance company and mediators are a good alternative to get something out of your personal injury claim.
  5. If there problems with the claim such as preexisting injuries and medical conditions, the insurance company can refuse to cover those damages as they were not car related.

Find the right accident lawyer to guide you through the settlement process.


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