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11 Smart Marketing Tips for Lawyers
The start of the New Year is undoubtedly a great time to begin with some persuasive and appealing marketing strategies.  Yes, it is all about your future, career and professional growth, and, unless do not take it seriously; you would never flourish your professional life.
Here go the 11 smart tips for all lawyers intending to achieve enormous success in their business and profession this year.
1.       Update your marketing plan and follow through with your objectives:
Get your marketing plan updated and try to implement it as per the timeline made for the objectives.  To get it remembered, print out your “to do list” and post it on wall of your office.
2.       Be the lawyer and law firm that your clients value:
Try to be friendly with your clients as they do not take any risk to hire new lawyers or law firms.  It is therefore get your staff trained on this and try to meet with the expectations of your clients.  Remember, clients do not change their legal experts hence never try to betray them.
3.       Help others be successful:
Try to give free advices to people on legal mattes this would help to develop a good reputation in the society and once you have got recognized yourself talents, there would no paucity of cases.
4.       Every day:
Try to keep yourself engaged in leads. Make repeated calls to clients and word of mouth references.
5.       Every week:
Start a planning of networking. Go to coffee shop with your clients and try to share your business cards with everyone you come in contact.
6.       Every quarter:
Make a representation of your firm through newsletters, blog posts, article publications etc.
7.       Prioritize your business contacts:
Make a list of your potential lists and try to do some home work before holding meetings with them. It should be in your mind that what questions you would be asked and how will you address the problems of your clients. It would be better if you prioritize your clients as per their needs.
8.       Improve your communications:
Set deadline timing for giving responses to the queries of your clients. You have to be more communication savvy as this year is very important for you.  Besides, do not take more than 2 hours to reply any email or telephone call.
9.       Update your Web site:
Develop a persuasive and compelling web site for gardening attention of the clients. Try to keep it updated as per SEO standards and do not forget to share your areas of expertise through your blog posts and featured articles. Remember, it is your online business card however you should employ your due care to this very well.
10.   Develop a marketing mindset:
Try to develop a marketing mindset and whosoever comes in contact with you, consider him a potential client. This mindset will help you to improve your overall behavior in the marketing world and once you are trained in this, you will easily convince new or old clients.
11.   Get involved with social media that’s right for you:
Every lawyer should get himself involved in social media activities like LinkedIn, Face Book, and Twitter. He must develop a good online relationship with his friends, colleagues, class mates, mates and childhood friends. This will help the lawyer to keep him rolling in his existing social circle which is inevitably very beneficial for the lawyer.


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