A Lawyer’s Guide to Writing
I am Marie Buckley and I have been coaching lawyers since a long time. So far, I have coached more than 1,000 lawyers and I used to speak at public gathering on writing advocacy and effective writing.  It goes without saying “The American Bar Association” has published my book “The Lawyer’s Essential Guide to Writing” and it is supposed to be very informative for new comers.
It might be in your mind that I am holding good credentials for writing an effective content to appeal my potential clients but what I personally think that “we lawyers are failing to use effective means of communication in today’s fast and rapid growing world”.  It is the reason that I have created a blog to address the dark shades of writing skills and trying my best to come up with some unique techniques to help my fellow lawyers.
I am trying my best to the elements that develop enough boredom among my readers and if you subscribe to my blog, I am sure that you are going to learn a lot from me.  Apart from this, I would also help you in writing appellate briefs apart from effective emails responses.  Besides, you can also learn from my posts frequently updated on twitter. Therefore, you must follow me there and get yourself benefited from this senior.

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