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In New York State, there is a better chance a marriage will end in divorce than go the distance. 53% of marriages end in divorce or permanent separation. This video shows divorce lawyers giving some advice on avoiding a costly and tumultuous divorce case.

The first lawyer stresses the legal situation you put yourself in when you enter a marriage. It is one of the most complex legal situations you will embroil yourself into during your entire life. It’s important to understand this and take it seriously because the intricate legal ties can make divorce a nightmare.

The second lawyer explains that you need to choose a spouse that is in line with a majority of your values. She also stresses the importance of realizing the person may not change. In other words, don’t marry someone expecting them to grow into the person you actually wanted to marry. What you see may be what you get.

The lawyers also stress the importance of being open and honest about finances from the start of a marriage. Prenuptial agreements are there for a reason. Also, someone who’s exciting to date may not be an ideal spouse.

For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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