Everybody know that the law is extensive. Nobody, in a million years, could contemplate and master every single law. Thus, we have a plethora of different professional lawyers all working in their own specialty fields. While some are more distinct and popular than others, every lawyer has their own individual strengths.

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With so many different people, verdicts, laws, and court cases, it is no wonder that so many various lawyers exist. In this video, we will learn what each type of lawyer does and how they help their clients.

A common misconception is that you develop your law specialization in law school. As a matter of fact, you don’t specialize in law school at all. Law school simply prepares you to think like a lawyer in order to specialize. Thus, there is no tracks like in normal undergrad schools. Litigation lawyers help clients navigate disputes in court, like on television. A transactional lawyer handles trade, buying, and issues having to deal with money. In-house lawyers are dedicated to a single company, managing all of their legal happenings and leading business people into wise choices.


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