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There’s nothing quite like the summer time, which brings with it sun, fun, and a reason to eat ice cream. Just be careful if you’re in Carmel, New York, where there’s a legal statute that makes it illegal to eat ice cream if you’re standing on the sidewalk.

And that’s not the only law that could get you in trouble as you try to enjoy the summer! Here are a few other zany legal statutes recent law research found.

Maybe Rethink Lunch at the Beach If You’re in Maryland.

Believe it or not, Maryland has a legal statute forbidding people from eating while they’re swimming in the ocean, so maybe rethink that lunch you were planning on having at the beach. Unless of course you were planning to eat it while relaxing on your towel like someone normally would.

Leave the Watermelon at Home in Indiana.

Beech Grove, Indiana has a legal statute expressly forbidding its citizens from eating watermelon in parks. Although it sounds pretty absurd, this legal statute at least has some clear legislative intent. The law was put into action after watermelon rinds punctured parks’ garbage bags, and caused a ton of messes.

Don’t Wear a Bikini If You’re Selling Hot Dogs in Florida.

Florida’s Broward County has a legal statute
that makes it illegal for hot dog vendors to wear anything that shows parts of their “cleavage or buttocks,” like bikinis or G-strings, since they could be “a hazard or impediment to traffic.” Sure, it gets hot down in Florida during the summer, but are you really going to want to cook greasy meats wearing next to nothing?

These are just a few of the weirdest legal statutes to watch out for this summer. If your legislative history research has ever dug up any others, feel free to share them in the comments.

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