State dui laws

Every night, thousands of Americans are arrested for driving under the influence. Each state has their own new DUI laws, but generally those with a .007% blood alcohol content (BAC) or higher are illegally driving under the influence. Finding a good lawyer is critical for those convicted of a DUI if they want to potentially decrease their loss of privilege. Those who are convicted of a DUI face years of damage to their finances and driving record as a result.

On Grounds of Suspicion

There is never a coincidence in a DUI pullover. The police always pull over drivers if they have probable cause; this means that you were swerving, ran a red light, or a witness has confirmed that you’ve had too much to drink. Officers cannot pull you over unless there is evidence of you driving suspiciously. Some states, like Ohio, have an implied consent law, which means that those who refuse to submit to chemical tests are subject to an automatic license suspension along with a fine. What many people don’t know is a blood alcohol content test can be challenged even if you submitted to it.

In Court

Even the best DUI attorney cannot get the charges dropped, but having a reliable criminal DUI attorney can help direct you to the best possible scenario. A plea bargain usually only works if the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream is borderline illegal and there is no accident or prior record for the defendant. Those convicted of a DUI may pay a fine of up to $1,000 with a maximum license suspension of three years and jail time for up to six months in Ohio. An experienced criminal DUI attorney cost may exceed your budget, but this is one purchase you’ll be glad that you made after one mistake you’ll be glad to forget.

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