State dui laws

In Ohio, being charged with an OVI — operating a vehicle under the influence — can be a pretty serious deal. If you find yourself charged with a DUI, DWI or OVI, it is crucial to protect your future the best way you can by finding a reputable and experienced DUI attorney in your area. Finding a good attorney to represent your case is necessary to limit the legal consequences you may face and make sure your rights are protected. Here are some tips for finding the best DUI attorney to represent your case.

Tip #1. Ask For Recommendations From People You Trust

One of the best tips for finding the best DUI attorney in your area is by asking the people you know and trust. In Ohio, about one in every seven drivers has been convicted at least once for driving while impaired. Chances are, between friends, family members and co-workers, someone you know has been through what you are now going through. Ask around for honest advice and compile a list of attorneys that have been recommended and those who do not get positive reviews from friends. If you are hitting dead ends with finding a friend who has experience with DUI lawyers, you can ask another lawyer such as a family law lawyer. Because they are not directly in competition, most lawyers won’t mind referring you to a DUI attorney they have heard good things about from the field.

Tip #2. Hire A Specialist

State DUI laws are a very specific field that require specific knowledge. Make sure when you are looking to hire a lawyer to represent yourself you look for someone who specializes in DUI defenses. Avoid lawyers who refer to themselves as a criminal defense attorney. Although they could technically do the job, it is the best to go with someone who has devoted their career to helping people in situations like yours. The best DUI attorneys specialize in strategies to help your case such as contacting witnesses, analyzing videos and challenging breathalyzer test results.

Tip #3. Inquire About Experience

Finding a DUI attorney with plenty of experience is paramount to giving you the best chances for a strong defense in court. Don’t be shy about asking lawyers specific questions about their experiences. Things you may want to look into are how many cases the attorney has actually taken to court, and how many wins and losses the lawyer has had. Beware of anyone who seems too good to be true. Some DUI attorneys never contest DUI charges, preferring to always plead guilty and try to negotiate a deal. Make sure you find someone who is aligned with your goals and values and who you trust to represent your interests in the best way possible.

Tip #4. Research Online

While it can be hard to get the real story through online advertisements, it is a good place to look when all else fails. This can especially help during the early phases of your research. A google search of “Dayton DUI lawyer”, for example, can help you compile a list of DUI attorneys in your local area. It is a starting point to build upon.

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