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How to write effective blog posts for lawyers
Blogging has turned out to be a best way to get potential clients but it is not a game of posting bunch of words. Rather, it has to be effective, engaging, compelling and reader friendly.  Prior to jumping into technicalities of blog posts, I would like to share with you 6 mechanics of effective blogging.
1.       Make your blog posts short and precise :
Try to write you blog post between 200 to 400 words and avoid using useless words for developing the boredom.  If you have more content than 400 words break that topic into series and complete the post in this fashion.
2.       Make your headlines Concise:
It is generally suggested that a blog post headline should not be more than 65 characters and it is undoubtedly correct to largest extent. However, you must be write your headlines punchy and in journalistic style.
3.       Add do-follow link to your post:
The one of the easiest and creative way is to incorporate your firm’s link with certain words mentioned in your blog post. But, it must be noted that the do follow links should not be more than 2 links.
4.       Categorize your posts accordingly
If you are an attorney working on divorce cases and intending to put some blog posts then they must be posted in the respective categories.  Your categories will show your professional experience and area of expertise.
5.       Post Tags with all topics
It must not be forgotten that when you write a post, it must be properly tagged. Suppose, if you writing a blog on car accident then the tag for your blog should be as: Legal nature of Car accident, Car Accident Case etc.
6.       Manage Comments:
First of all make sure you that whether the comments moderation system is enabled or not. After enabling it, try to get yourself engaged in comments and give proper reply to all comment posters.


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