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If you have been pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI), it can be very scary. You are not the only one. This is a very common occurrence. In Ohio, the offense is called operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) but it is essentially the same thing as a DUI anywhere else. There are more than one million people in Ohio who have at least one OVI and almost 45,000 have had over five convictions for this offense. If you have been charged with this you need the best DUI attorney.

Who is the best DUI attorney for me and my case?

That is the pivotal question. You need to find a good lawyer. You need criminal defense attorney who will best represent you and your case. Here are some tips for finding that person.

  1. Take advantage of the free consultation. Most  law firms offer free consultations. This is a normal part of how they do and get new business so take advantage. Go to a few law firms and ask as many questions as you think of. This is a very serious situation — a first offense can result in six points being added to your license and will stay on your criminal record for at least 75 years.
  2. Ask about their specific experience dealing with DUI laws in your state. Ask prospective criminal defense firms what their experience is with DUIs. You do not want a family law lawyer to deal with your criminal case. Many of these cases are plead out so you want someone who has a lot of experience doing that. They may be able to get the charges reduced and that may change what the penalties are. You do not want a lawyer who deals mostly with divorces to handle your DUI.
  3. How much will it cost? These charges are expensive. Depending on what your charges end up being, there will be court costs, fines, fees for interlock devices and then there’s getting your license back. Most states suspend your license immediately when you are arrested, getting it back will cost you. That’s all before the DUI attorney costs. What are the fees for the best DUI attorney? If you take this to trial, you will have the chance to examine and refute all the evidence against you and produce some that proves your version of what happened.
  4. Trust your gut. You need to be able to really open up to your lawyer. Do you trust them? Do they answer your questions? Do you think you can confide in them? You are going to have to be really honest with your lawyer and if you do not think you can confide in one person, find someone else. This is too important a situation to go with someone with whom you are not 100% comfortable.

Being arrested for anything is scary. If you are taken to jail, that is a very stressful situation. The laws that deal with driving under the influence, this can also mean driving under the influence of a prescription medication so be careful. alcohol is not the only substance that can get you arrested. Having the best DUI attorney by your side will make a word of difference.

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