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It’s a typical early Friday evening at the office and you’re itching to get out of work and start the weekend. It’s not as though you have any solid plans for the night or a big event to look forward to over the weekend, you simply can’t wait to get off the clock and see what the night has in store for you. After all, Netflix isn’t going to watch itself!

Despite feeling a little drained, you decide to actually be social for a change and attend happy hour at a local drinking hole with some co-workers. Although you swore you would only have a one drink, one drink turned into two, and two drinks turned into shots. Next thing you know you’re slight buzz has turned into all out intoxication. You know you shouldn’t make the 10 minute drive home, but you don’t think or feel like you’re that drunk, just buzzed.

All of your friends promise each other to text one another when they arrive home safely, only you’re never able to make it home. Once you see the infamous red, white, and blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror you instantly realize you’re in serious trouble.

No one ever think this all too familiar situation will happen to them, but it can and will more often than you think. It can easily happen to you too, which is why understanding DUI laws in your state is so important. While you may have been acting irresponsibly that doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to your rights, and having a basic understanding of DUI laws in your state can help you protect your rights in the event you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance.

Finding a good attorney is an important half of the battle if you were arrested and are facing legal consequences. You can’t just hope to find a good lawyer and call it a day. You need to find a DUI attorney who is experienced in regards to the DUI laws in your state. Your state’s bar association can help you find DUI lawyers near you that are knowledgeable and have experience with both old and new DUI laws in your state.

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