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Have you or someone you know been caught driving under the influence? You want to immediately start searching for the best DUI attorney or best criminal defense attorney in your area. And don’t be afraid to go to bigger cities close to your area to make sure you’re truly finding an experienced professional and the top criminal defense attorney available to you.

Not only do the DUI laws by state vary more than you may realize, but the consequences, punishments, and strategies to lessen them also vary greatly.

In Ohio, what most states’ law enforcement agencies refer to as a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), is actually referred to as an OVI – Operating a Vehicle under the Influence. (The charge can also be referred to as a DWI – Driving While Intoxicated.)

You want to not only find a good lawyer, but specifically finding a good lawyer who understands DUI laws by state. The necessity of a quality DUI attorney in Ohio is clearly seen when you see the power they have to help protect your rights and lessen the consequences you face.

Consequences that a top criminal defense attorney can potentially lessen:
A first offense with an OVI or DUI can result in up to six points off your license.
Jail time for a conviction can range from three days to six months.
Your license can be suspended from three months to six years.
There is usually a license reinstatement fee of $450.
The fine for a conviction of an OVI in Ohio can range from $250 to $1000.
OVI convictions can result in a criminal record, which may affect your ability to find employment or obtain a loan.

How can they lessen them?
By understanding the DUI laws by state, a criminal defense attorney (often the best are found within a criminal defense firm) will not only know the different plea bargains available, but will be familiar with how to investigate and help your case.
The police must have probable cause to pull you over. Even if there are witnesses stating you were too drunk to drive, it is still on the police to prove they had evidence to confirm you were driving suspiciously.
Blood tests, urine tests, and breathalyzer tests, even if positive, must be administered properly in order to be used in court and in any conviction.
Your past and the specifics of your case matter. If you have no prior record, there was no accident, or your amount of alcohol was borderline illegal, a top federal criminal defense lawyer is much more likely to be able to get you a plea bargain.
By knowing DUI laws by state, they would know there is a plea bargain available in Ohio often referred to as “wet reckless”, a conviction of reckless driving involving alcohol.

Receiving an OVI, DUI, or DWI can be very unsettling and cause a lot of apprehension and stress. Find a good DUI attorney who understand DUI laws by state and in Ohio, let them help get you the fairest consequences, and put this behind you.

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