You might need this information one day when you or your friend needs to be bailed out from jail. You might ask yourself “Who can post bail near me?”

If you are ever in this kind of situation, then you should remember these things. A person’s initial idea after being arrested is frequently how to leave quickly.

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Bail is money or an equivalent in the currency that an arrested person delivers to a court to guarantee that he will show up in court when required to do so. The court keeps the bail and issues a warrant for the accused’s arrest if the accused fails to appear or, in legalese, “jumps bail.”

Setting bail is the responsibility of public prosecutors. It may take a day or two before you see a judge who will confirm your bail and issue an Order of Release because many people want to leave jail as soon as possible.

The law mandates that every individual accused of a crime or infraction has the right to post bail, which should not be excessive unless the charge is one that carries a death sentence or a life sentence and the proof of guilt is overwhelming.

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