Not all car accidents are created equal. If you’re looking for the biggest payout or the most money in a car accident settlement, you need to have suffered a very serious injury. Car accident injuries aren’t only whiplash or concussions. It’s natural to think about how much money you can get from a settlement after a car accident, but it mostly depends on how severe your injury is.

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There are soft injuries, like neck spasms, and there are hard injuries, which include things like head injuries. Soft injuries are seen as temporary and it can be hard to prove that you suffered them in the accident. It’s difficult to prove that you’re suffering from a soft injury. This will result in a low settlement. Hard injuries receive larger settlements because they are easy to prove in court.

The severity of your injury also impacts your settlement. A broken hand is a hard injury, but it’s not as severe as two broken legs are. You don’t end up in a wheelchair or paralyzed because of a broken hand. The long-term effects also play a large part in your case. Basically, if you can prove you’re injured you’re looking at receiving a settlement.


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