Getting charged with a DUI might be one of the things that can affect your entire life in various ways. That is why it’s important to work with good DUI lawyers so that you can increase your odds of getting a good outcome. Follow their advice to the letter if you want to have a good chance of securing your future. Ask them about anything that you want to know, including things like “if I get a DUI can I still drive?” and more details like that. You can also check online for this specific concern as it could shed some light on the right path for you to follow in order to make plans for the future.

Check online to see if others have found conclusive responses to the question “can you still drive if you get a DUI” but remember that specific states will have their own regulations on this matter. You may find a way to go forward by attending DUI meetings or even joining a DUI support group. These are steps that can help you to improve your life in general and not just count as punishment for breaking the law, so do them with an open mind that’s ready to learn and reform.

You hear about DUIs and the consequences they can have on your life all the time, but that doesn’t stop many people from still driving under the influence. However, it’s important to know the consequences of a DUI and how to find a good DUI attorney, should you ever need one. If you know how to find a good DUI attorney, he or she can do wonders in terms of your case (also depending on how high your blood alcohol content (BAC) and if you were involved in an accident because of your BAC. Even if you’re not a reckless person, accidents and lapses in judgment do still happen, and you want to be prepared for the worst.
Defining the Terms
You may hear a few different terms bandied about–DUI, DWI, OVI–what do they all mean? They all basically mean that a person was driving or otherwise using a vehicle while under the influence of an impairing substance–usually alcohol or drugs. Specifically, a DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, a DWI is Driving While Impaired, and an OVI is specific to Ohio–Operating a Vehicle Impaired. While they may be called different things, they all have the same penalties–a DUI is not more severe than a DWI, for example.

What Can A DUI Do To Me?
A DUI goes on your criminal record. This record can affect huge parts of your life, like limiting employment opportunities, making it difficult to get a loan, or other future chances. It can also cost you a good bundle of money upfront–a first offense can cost anywhere from $250 to $1500, depending on DUI laws by state. Your license is suspended for up to 2 years, and your insurance will skyrocket.
What Can A DUI Attorney Do For Me?
The best DUI attorney can use plea bargains to reduce your sentence–again, depending on the severity of your case. In some cases, a DUI could be reduced to reckless driving, which comes attached with lesser fines and doesn’t go on your criminal record. If you find a good lawyer, they can protect the rights you’re entitled to and work on reducing your charges.

How do i find a good attorney

Some steps your attorney may take are getting in touch with witnesses who may have been at the scene, analyzing videos that were taken, and challenging any breathalyzer tests that were collected. (A popular argument they might use is that the breathalyzer test was not properly administered.) Always be honest with your attorney–it’s in your best interest, even if it’s embarrassing for you. The more they know, the easier they can help you.
It’s important to know how to find a good DUI attorney, especially if you’re a second time offender or more. The penalties will be much more severe the second or third time around and not as much leniency will be shown. In this case, finding a good lawyer will be an immense help.

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